Who we are

Who we are

The ClientEye admin is based in Scotland and is made up of myself Emma (55) and my husband Richard (49).

We have been married for 6 years, both have jobs and make a little extra on the side. Richard is a bit of a geek, he won’t mind me telling you that who is self employed and business minded, not quite an entrepreneur yet but very much working on it, I work part time hours in a civie job, full time mum & a part time independent sexworker.

There was a time when i never would have thought i’d get into sexwork, i could always seperate love and sex but the thought of being a sexworker never really came to mind.

. Being involved in the swinging scene for a time opened up my mind to thinking …

“I could be paid for this”.

and so my journey into sexwork began.

My story is probably no different from anyone else involved in sexwork, i did not start just because I loved to have sex, i started doing it for the money, if we are being honest that’s the reason most of us do the job we do, I certainly couldn’t imagine at that time that i’d also need to be a therapist a counselor aswell as being a professional partner.

We are nothing special we are just your average “normal” couple, we are not a silicon valley group made purely to make a profit without any knowledge of sexwork, we live and breath it as we have a vested interest in it and working safely..

Emma x

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