The idea, the why & the funding

The idea, the why & the funding

The Why

Back in March 2018 i’d been doing sexwork for just over 4 years, I was on one of my limited working days and i received a call in the morning from a client wanting to make a booking, just like every other working day and nothing special in that, arrangements where made and i was expecting to see him later that day for a 1hr 4pm booking.

I continued to receive calls asking for bookings 2 of which i had to turn down as one wanted 3.30pm and the other 5pm, again nothing special in that, just a normal day.

My 4pm booking never arrived and switched off his phone

4pm ….. tick tock tick tock waiting and waiting, he never arrived  …… I tried to call him and the phone was switched off … Yet another TIMEWASTER #$@&%*! … my 200th !!!

I’m an independant sexworker, i have no friends or colleagues in the same field, i’d never even looked for support or help groups never mind join them but i was annoyed, really annoyed so i started looking, i wanted this timewaster to feel my wrath.

In my search i found a site in the UK – Saafe, “Support and advice for escorts” and joined their forums, I instantly found that MY experiences where not unique and other sexworkers had exactly the same experiences of timewasters.

Saafe, “Support and advice for escorts”

I managed to get in contact with someone who had posted about the existance of a private whatsapp group where local timewasters where shared between a group of 30 and joined it, what an eye opener, not only did they suffer from timewasters they suffered from the same timewasters.

The group was great, we could all share our timewasters and also share our experiences with each other about the more serious abusive clients and Call/SMS pests who get in contact with zero intention of ever making a booking, We all had timewasters stored in our phones and there was a big BIG crossover.

“Hi, i’m ADAM 25 from Newton Mearns”

O “ADAM” we had all received communication from ADAM, he would message us all, all the time using different numbers, you felt left out if you hadn’t had a message from him.

I spoke too my husband, spoke ? ermm maybe ranted about the struggles of the day and that my experience of “ADAM” matched those of others.

The Idea

We looked at current reporting systems and found them either “Niche”, “Exclusive” or “Restrictive” and thought we could do better, bring it into the modern day, we all use our phones and phones run apps. Let’s create an app ! …. but how ?

Richard and I had no experience of making apps although we knew someone who did so we ran the idea past them and was told “Yeah an app would be possible”.

We knew it would have to do the following:

  • Be fully anonymous. Being able to speak freely without comeback was important..
  • Warn users of any previous reports as the CALL/SMS arrived. Live notifications
  • Allow reports to be seen by all users. No restrictions.
  • Be fully inclusive. Inc Female Male Trans Brothel Agency & street workers.

We discussed the idea with the group and decided “yep we are doing it” and so ClientEye was created.

The Funding

Crowdfunded & created by sexworkers for sexworkers

Myself and Richard funded 50% of the first version of the android app and we crowdfunded for the remaining 50%, the community came together and we raised those funds, after the 1st launch of the android app we crowdfunded again to develop and release our IOS version, this again was a 50-50 split between private funds and crowdfunding, again the community came together and our IOS was launched. Updates to our apps have always been 50% funded by sexworkers.

Together we are POWERFUL & we are STRONGER than we are apart. #staysafe #stayinformed


Emma x

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