August 2019 Statistics

August 2019 Statistics

We all need to keep an eye on trends so each month we release statistics on the amount of reports our apps have received, we don’t do this to glorify or to show how great we are, we do it as support groups can make better use of the figures than we can.

These groups work for the betterment of sexworkers and they do what we cannot by offering personal face to face grass root support.

ClientEye reports for August totalled 1802

  • Timewasters – 701

  • Call/SMS Pests – 314

  • Abusive – 154

  • No Show – 266

  • Other – 367

Our users manually select the report type during the reporting process, the above figures reflect each users chosen report type.

We continue to receive 85% UK & 15% worldwide reporting, this is as expected. As more worldwide users start to use our apps we expect these figure to change and will update each month.

The largest reporting area was “London” and surrounding areas with a total of 339 reports received, we believe this is due in part to the inclusion of the @xtalkproject support group in our area pages and new users coming by way of their app endorsement.

Future statistics

Untill now we have excluded the figures for the reports we add manually, these are sourced by monitoring external sites like the Saafe website.

The reported numbers on these websites are redacted for GDPR reasons and are formatted with the last 2 digits replaced with ** however our manual inclusion of these numbers and the apps ability to display warnings for partial number matches means app notifications are shown & more users are made aware of the warnings.

For statistical reasons we have started to add a partial date match to any manually added 3rd party reports and will in future show this as a new statisical entry.

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